Interpreting the Meaning of Dreams

Purpose of Dreams

Dreams offer a deep creative reflection on the day’s events. Broader concerns about past events, future plans, or relationships might also be considered in our dreams.

Value of Dreams

The value of dreams is that they offer us a distraction free blank canvas to organized our thoughts. This kind of thinking can produce creative solutions and informed precautions.

Increasing Need for Dreams

Life is increasingly busy and media-saturated, so most people have little or no time for reflection. This makes dreams even more important.

Quality of Sleep

Without an adequate quality and quantity of sleep, you might not have the optimal conditions to dream adequately.

Tools for Better Sleep

There are many factors that may interfere with quality sleep. Here are some tips and tools for better sleep.

  • DIM DISPLAY — At night, well before bedtime, consider dimming your computer display, watch display, smartphone display, and any other dimmable displays. This will help calm your mind at night and be less abrupt in the morning when you look at devices.
  • LIGHTING — Have lights that dim, or use low wattage lights at night before bedtime to let your body calm down. Using warm light rather than bright white light can be more soothing.
  • NIGHT MODE — Because of the powerful influence of light on sleep cycles, most devices now offer a night mode for the display to cut back on bright white or blue light that might disturb sleep. In other words, the warmer tones of light can be used.
  • SLEEP DATA — Most activity tracking watches like FitBit and Apple Watch can provide you with daily reports on the quality of your sleep. This is important data for determining progress with sleep improvement. Other products are available that track movement at night as a method for determining sleep quality and duration. [View Activity Trackers and Smart Watches on Amazon]

Tools for Interpreting Dreams

Here are some resources for interpreting dreams.

  • DREAM JOURNAL — Keeping a dream journal will help expand your attentiveness to dreams. The more you recognize your dreams and write them down, the more aware you will be of them.
  • INTERPRETING DREAMS — Find resources to interpret and better understand your dreams. Know that each person’s circumstances are unique, so there probably isn’t a single cookie-cutter answer to all symbolism, but it helps to have a general guide to get you thinking and reflecting on dream meanings.

For a nicely written comprehensive guide to dreams, consider reading “Why Do We Dream? The Role Of Dreams.”